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Biella Staff

Contact Aida Diaz  Aida Diaz Principal
Classroom Teachers
Contact Caitlin Bandiera  Caitlin Bandiera Grade 1-2 Teacher
Contact Lynn Duri  Lynn Duri Grade 3 Teacher
Contact Tammy Finck  Tammy Finck Grade TK Teacher
Contact Susan Fries  Susan Fries Grade 4-5 Teacher
Contact Heather Hecker  Heather Hecker Grade 1 Teacher
Contact Jennifer Hughes  Jennifer Hughes Grade 5-6 Teacher
Contact Janet Krug  Janet Krug Teacher on Special Assignment (Intervention)
Contact Sue Linder  Sue Linder Grade 4 Teacher
Contact Ed Locker  Ed Locker Grade 3 Teacher
Contact Silas Martin  Silas Martin Grade 6 Teacher
Contact Richard McAnulty  Richard McAnulty Grade K-1 Teacher
Contact Tori McFarlin  Tori McFarlin Grade K Teacher
Contact Josh Motchar  Josh Motchar Grade 2 Teacher
Contact Christine Wedel  Christine Wedel Grade 5 Teacher
Contact Sara Williams  Sara Williams Music Teacher
Support Staff
Contact Karen Guillory  Karen Guillory Attendance Secretary
Contact Peggy Harden  Peggy Harden Office Manager
Contact Mark McLay  Mark McLay Speech and Language Pathologist
Contact Michaele Morales  Michaele Morales Family Engagement
Contact Mildred Santos  Mildred Santos Counselor
Contact Carrie Taylor  Carrie Taylor Student Engagement